Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weekly Menu 3/10-3/16

Now that our little peanut is 8 weeks old, I'm starting to get back into the swing of getting the house together and cooking dinner. We had a really rough week last week - I think he started the 6 week growth spurt a little late - but yesterday he started being less fussy and today he's been a perfect angel, hardly crying at all, and taking great naps! I've noticed that at our house we are constantly wasting leftovers because I generally cook as directed in recipes and make 4 servings. I've decided to limit my cooking to 3 or maybe 4 times per week depending on the serving size so we can eliminate waste since we're on a really tight budget at the moment while I'm staying home with the baby.

Here is our plan for the week. Feel free to share yours!

Monday: leftovers
Tuesday: sesame chicken
Wednesday: reuben sandwiches with oven fries
Thursday: leftovers
Friday: mac & cheese and hot dogs
Saturday: sloppy joes with au gratin potatoes

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Newborn Life

I can't believe my child is already 7 weeks old! Life has been absolutely crazy since he's been here. I feel like he's been around forever, and being pregnant feels like it was years ago.

So how are we adjusting to life with a newborn? Well - we're working on it. It's much harder than I imagined it would be. I know people always say that it is going to be very difficult. I just didn't comprehend that until I started living it. I think that breastfeeding on demand makes things even more trying. We have run into a whole slew of breastfeeding issues and have been working on tackling all of them. Things are still adjusting and we have rough days all the same but I am holding out hope that eventually it will be much easier (and healthier!) for us in the long run.

Colton is such an adorable baby. He is getting more and more precious every day. He started smiling in the middle of his 5th week and it just made everything that much easier. He loves "talking" and smiling on the changing table looking up at us. It makes diaper changes a lot of fun. His focus has been really awesome. He watches us walk across the room and keeps looking for daddy as he hands him to me to feed him. It's very cute.

Unfortunately, Cole came down with a cold and cough at 5 weeks old and we are STILL seeing some residual effects from it. He has his very cranky days (like today for example) where I'm still not totally sure that his body has finished fighting infection. He's been having a lot of trouble staying asleep for naps which makes him very overtired and miserable. And then when he's overtired he gets very irritable while he's eating. Even having to burp becomes a screaming fest when normally he'll just pull away and whine if he has to burp. The milk flow too fast or slow is also grounds for screaming at me on a crabby day. We're trying to take those as they come. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to why he is happy as a clam one day and super cranky the next.

Colton really seems to like going out into the world. He likes looking around, likes being pushed in his stroller, really likes inspecting other people. When we visit at my parents house he seems to have a lot of fun learning with the grandparents and aunts and uncles are surrounding him and chatting him up. I can't wait until it's warmer out so we can go exploring more.

At his one month appointment, he weighed 9 pounds 8 1/2 ounces which amazed me! That's a gain of 2 1/2 pounds from his birth weight which is more than I could have imagined. It seems to me that his rate of gain has slowed since then, but we will find out at his two month appointment next Wednesday.

And now - some pictures!
9 days old 
11 days old  
2 weeks old
2 weeks old
3 weeks old
1 month old
5 weeks & 5 days old