Friday, December 14, 2012

Weeks 32-34 bump watch

For some reason I feel like my bump looks pretty weird in clothes. It's hard to tell if I am seeing a difference between weeks, but maybe 33 looks pretty large? Something looks different about 32 weeks compared to the other two. Oh well.

32 weeks
33 weeks
34 weeks
And for your enjoyment, some bare bellies! I didn't like taking the bare belly shots at first but now I kind of like them; they make me look less like a uni-boob connected to my tummy.

I guess with these pictures you can kind of see something different going on. 32 weeks looks round and straight out. 33 weeks looks like bigger and starting to lean downward. 34 weeks looks like it's starting to drop a teeny bit more. Perhaps I am in a gradually dropping phase as I get closer to my due date (which is in almost 5 weeks, wow!)

The baby's room is pretty much finished now, and we had a fuzzy critter test things out to make sure they were comfy.

I guess we need to rewash the bedding already :) He loves the baby's comforter. I only plan on using it for the baby to lay on the floor with perhaps (since he won't actually use it in the crib), but a part of me kind of wants to make a kitty bed out of it. I think I just love my kitty too much.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

33 weeks - appointment & ultrasound

33 weeks has been quite the week so far! I had a regular appointment on Monday which went fairly well I suppose. My weight had jumped up more quickly then usual, and my doctor confirmed that it could be because I am dealing with some swelling now. My blood pressure was looking good though so he said there isn't anything to be concerned about with swelling alone.

Baby's heart rate was 144, and I had asked the doctor while he was doing my fundal measurement if he could figure out how the baby was laying in there. He was laying oblique, or on an angle, with his head up near my right ribs and his feet near my left hip. Eeek! He told me there is nothing to be concerned about and that we'd be more interested in his position at my 35 week appointment. At the end of the appointment he decided to order an ultrasound to measure growth and fluid levels. I didn't think much of it at first but after talking to my husband I started getting a little panicky. Why did we need an ultrasound?

Thankfully we didn't have to wait too long for the answer. We had our ultrasound today, and the sonographer explained that my fundal height was measuring on the smaller side. Last appointment it was 30 cm for 31 weeks, this time it was 31 cm for 33 weeks. This is very interesting to me because I guess laying down and measuring my uterus is nothing like how I'm actually carrying - I feel like I am so huge! It's almost humorous to hear that I am measuring on the smaller side.

Squished-Creepy-Eyed Face

The ultrasound went really well. The baby looks worlds away from how he did at the 18 week scan. In fact some of the pictures were getting semi-creepy. I can't wait to see what he really looks like when he is born! All of his measurements were perfectly average, and his estimated weight is 4 pounds 13 ounces right now.

He had his hands up near his face at first, and then he had grabbed both of his little feet and had one in each hand by the end. The sonographer said that he has some hair too, but no telling how thin or thick it is. His butt is what is stuck in my rib cage now - I guess he must enjoy having random body parts stuffed in there. And he's still a boy - haha. No going back now!

Here are the 3D shots. So chubby! The other thing that you can see below his face is his arm.