Wednesday, November 23, 2011

thanksgiving eve

the Christmas tree is up and decorated.
pumpkin snickerdoodles are baked. (they aren't phenomenal, but they'll suffice).
the kitchen and bathroom floors have been scrubbed.
the living room has been vacuumed.
and dishes have all been washed and put away.

I'm feeling very accomplished and happy right now. Let the Thanksgiving break begin!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

stress dreams

when I'm stressed, I often have frequent headaches and stress-dreams. I feel like I'm making up the concept of "stress-dreams" but I think it's real. it's like where you are stressed in real life and that comes through in your dreams? at least I like to think that is true.

that basically sounds like my last few days. and whenever I have stress dreams I'm always waitressing. in all my 1,400 internship hours clocked so far in my life I have never had a dream about interning or any of my kids or co-workers. I'm always the lone waitress in a restaurant full of people and can't get around to wait on everyone.

last night I dreamt that I was the only waitress on the floor, although other girls were still there clocking out, including my sister (who does not work with me, but did work with me at DQ). a bunch of groups were walking in but I just couldn't get to them all.  I asked my sister to set some of them up for me (ie-give them silverware and drinks) and she did get drinks for one table but then left.

I went over to my first big party and all of the people in it were RIDICULOUS.  I asked for their drink orders and they started asking about what soups we had, and started ordering a bunch of appetizers. finally when they started ordering drinks they asked for the craziest things ever. one asked for some pink fruity girly drink, another asked for straight pineapple juice, and another wanted the drink with heart shaped pillows (???).  instead of telling them we didn't have such things, I rushed over to the drink station and started trying to make these beverages that don't exist. so frustrating.

the dream just went on and on like this. for the majority of it I was still trying to appease this one ridiculous table while more people filtered into the restaurant, inducing more and more stress.

I told Mark that we are going on a date tomorrow night. I need to get out and do something fun for a change.  besides the tv and internet, I can't even remember the last time I did something fun. it was probably when we went out to dinner 3 weeks ago to celebrate the end of my first grad class. we visited our families a couple of weeks ago but it was pretty brief on both counts since I had to work both of those days. le sigh. as much as I am happy to be a newlywed, I'll be really glad when this work/school combo stage of my life is over with.

Friday, November 4, 2011


for my developmental counseling class, we have to write a case study on ourselves.  which basically means we are to encompass our entire development thus far, from infancy until emerging adulthood (or adulthood, or wherever one might be).  I suppose you might as well consider me an adult since I'm married and financially independent and all, but being that I still don't have a technical career and am in school, I place myself in the emerging adulthood category. but I digress.

so far I've nearly skipped over infancy since let's be honest - it's the least interesting thing to write about and I don't remember it anyway, and dove into the preschool years.  thanks to my equally as nostalgic mother I have four different scrapbooks that she made for me, holding the keys to my childhood and adolescence - every school picture, report card, and random "superior athletics" certificate (that I certainly did not deserve, if you know anything about my athletic abilities).

I focused on two different elements of preschool development.  one - I have always loved to read and write.  I have this collection of short stories that I had written from ages 4-5, most of which my mom wrote down for me, but some of which I wrote myself that make literally no sense whatsoever.  as in, I think "urae" is supposed to mean "are" but what are we expecting here, people? I tend to think it's kind of impressive that I'm actually writing 1/2 legible words at age 4.

the short stories are mainly about twin sisters named Elliot and Toto.  no joke.  there is also a story where they meet a friend named Figaro.  I could't find anything in my textbook regarding making up weird names for people, though.  what I did find is that I was able to "decenter" meaning move away from egocentric thinking and becoming more able to use perspective taking skills.

boom. there's some smarts for you.

my preschool progress reports are kind of depressing.  my teacher expressed concerns that I was too focused on learning and that I was stressed with trying to be "perfect" and successful.  I guess depressing isn't the right word for it.  but it's pretty weird that I have been the same way since the age of 3, right?  she also said I was bright and that it was difficult to keep me busy. and that I would pout and sulk if I wasn't included in a group, which I find pretty humorous.

and for your enjoyment - my 4 year old preschool picture. I just took it with my phone on the scrapbook page, so it's a bit discolored.
awwwwww. note the weird pin/brooch. was that some sort of early 90s fashion thing?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


we are not the cleanest people in the world, I'm sure. I'd like to be cleaner, but sometimes when I actually have a spare minute to clean, I find that there are a million other things I'd rather do. like sit on the couch and do nothing. that in particular has become my favorite hobby lately.

alas, when you are married and living off on your own you have to keep your house clean. well, let me take a step back. you don't HAVE to do anything. I suppose technically you are free to make whatever decision about cleanliness that you want. but unless you are a gigantic slob without a care in the world, eventually clutter and filth will get to you. you might not pinpoint the state of your nasty house as the reason why you are feeling depressed, but hey. it's a likely possibility.

what I'm finding at our house is that we tend to let things get to that point. one morning I wake up and suddenly realize that the entire bathroom floor is covered in dirty clothes, there is a pile of grocery ads and granola bar wrappers next to the couch, and cat hair sticks to my feet as I walk across the kitchen floor. it's unpleasant to say the least. and the cat hair in particular makes me gag.

I'd love for us to get a system going so that we don't get to that point EVER AGAIN but I'm sure it'd bound to happen. we've done well lately with keeping the bathroom sink and toilet cleaned more often. ever since we boycotted paper plates we have been forced to do the dishes pretty much immediately after we use them, and I've been making a point of picking up clutter before bed.

for bigger (and more annoying) things like scrubbing floors and dusting I am at a loss. and distributing chores fairly is even more of a problem. usually whoever is working less or has less going on for school that week tries to pick up the bulk of the chores, but we've been relatively even lately. I'm not sure if it's just me being hypersensitive, but I feel like on weeks like that I'm the one picking up the slack.

things like this are a work in progress throughout all marriages I would imagine, which is unfortunate because in the grand scheme of things cleaning up doesn't really take that long. it would take even less time if we had a good organization plan in place!

how often do you clean certain areas of your house? how do you stay organized with when to clean what, and who cleans what?