Monday, April 25, 2011

2 Months!

We are getting DANGEROUSLY close to the wedding now. It feels so surreal to me. I've been procrastinating on a lot of things and so our to-do list is getting pretty extensive. Good thing I'm all finished with school now! Graduation is Saturday, & I'll update more on that after it happens.

Since there is going to be so much to do in the next few weeks, I'm going to have to make weekly updates on all the things we need to accomplish. So here's our to-do list at 8 weeks away from the wedding...

1. Mail out invitations! - I meant to pick up stamps from my parents when we went over there last week, but I totally forgot about it. I'm just going to bring all the invites over there tonight and work on finishing up the assembly and either mail them out tonight or tomorrow bright and early.

2. Decide on Florist - We cannot put this off anymore. We need to make a couple more appointments and book someone, ASAP.

3. Make hair appointment - I want to make sure I can get my hair trial for the morning before my second shower, and then I also want to make sure this particular salon will be able to do my hair and the bridesmaids hair the day of the wedding. I've been putting this off too (but what haven't I been putting off?)

4. Make alterations appointment - Appointments aren't really officially necessary at the place where I bought my dress, but I want to make sure that I come in at an appropriate time. Getting my dress altered is going to be so surreal, it's making me nervous just thinking about it.

5. Finish ceremony - This should be easy. It's basically done except for a tiny bit of wording tweaking. I anticipate we'll be able to email it to our officiant this week.

Whew! Here's to hoping we don't fall behind - getting things finished in a timely manner is crucial at this point, or things are going to start piling up and stress will shortly follow.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bridal Shower!

I am very pleased to report that my bridal shower on Sunday was absolutely lovely! I'm a little bit sad that it's already over, and I need to get cracking on writing and sending out those thank you's! (But of course, I must blog about it first).

The shower was for Mark's side of the family, and we'll be having a second shower for my side in May. I was so glad that two of my bridesmaids were able to attend, so there were 3 bridesmaids total including Mark's sister. We got to wear some really cute flower clips to set us apart. {I get to wear the big flower ;) }
Eh, it's difficult to know which camera to look at when there is a line up of paparazzi snapping and ooing and ahhing at you. This was all very reminiscent of high school pre-dance pictures.

I got some really wonderful gifts from everyone. Mark was able to stay for the whole shower (by able I mean that there really wasn't time for him to go anywhere else so he was stuck with all of us women. His dad was there too, though).

We got a memory box from Mark's mom to put tidbits from the wedding and honeymoon in, and then look back on at our first anniversary. Such a cute idea!

Mark even got a present of his own that is a bit more manly.
I'm not sure why I appear so disturbed by this tiny wedding dress that was being worn by a bottle of swiffer wet jet solution.

Aww blurry, but still a nice thought.
I gave cookies to my hosts as a thank you for throwing the shower. Mark's mom, grandma, and sister all contributed and it turned out so wonderfully.

It's so crazy to think that we're actually close enough to the wedding to be having showers! And for them to already be over with! The two-month mark is right around the corner!

{All pictures are courtesy of Mark's Aunt Beth. I'm so glad there were other people around that day taking pictures or else I wouldn't have a single one!}

Thursday, April 14, 2011

This really irks me.

You'd think I'd be used to it by now, but it still really bothers me.

When you see someone you know with a shiny new diamond on their hand, you want to congratulate them right? Compliment them? Be happy for them?

What about when you see a stranger with an engagement ring? To be honest I generally speaking don't say anything at all. If it's an acquaintance that I've been chatting with I might say something light, like "I noticed your ring - when's the big day?"

Not so with me. It has happened way too often that I'll be at work, or out somewhere, and a total stranger will notice my ring. And I don't get a single congratulations. The conversation will usually go something like

Rude stranger: "WOW. You're engaged?!"


Me: "Yes I am."

Rude stranger: "Wow, you seem so young."

Me: "Yeah, I guess." or "Oh, I'm not too young."

Rude stranger: "How old are you?"

Me: wishing so terribly to scream "Excuse me, but HOW OLD ARE YOU, might I ask? Mind your own business!"

I mean we've been engaged for over 2 years. Which is a long time. And I've been getting these same comments throughout the entire two years! When I was 20 I can see some questioning, people are nosy and can't help themselves. 20 is young, I'll admit it. I guess to me I'm just over the fact that I may be younger than the average bride and other people just can't seem to grasp the concept that it happens.

And there is no need to comment on it! Unless you want to congratulate me or ask me a nice question like "how's the planning going" or "when is the date." Otherwise, I don't want to hear it.

I'm sure there are a multitude of arguments against me. People will certainly compare themselves and how they may have acted/felt at age 22 and assume that's the way that I am as well. It's really unfair that people do this. Everyone and every situation is different.

It just floors me that complete strangers feel like it's acceptable for them to ask me such questions, and to speak in such a shocked (and judgmental) tone. To my face.

I wonder what will happen after the wedding when I'll be wearing my wedding band, too.
And heaven forbid I ever get pregnant in the next few years! I can already see the side-eyes glaring at me from all angles. Unless I miraculously start looking older or people miraculously stop being judgmental.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Non-Update Update

At present all of my thoughts are consumed with the future.

-I only have 3 more classes remaining until final exams, and then graduation.
-My first bridal shower is this weekend.
-I am awaiting my acceptance/rejection letter from graduate school.
-Still trying to find time to tackle the florist situation. We have met with one possible contender so far.
-Hopefully we'll be sending out our invitations next week sometime.
-Pretty soon I'm going to need to get my dress fitted for alterations.

Just waiting and wishing and finishing homework and papers. April is flying by and yet moving too slowly.

Friday, April 1, 2011


It just figures, doesn't it? These next two weeks are going to be extremely busy for me with school and finishing up our invitations, and now we have a catastrophe to deal with.

Let me tell you a little bit about our floral situation. We have been planning this wedding for a long time. And I mean a LONG time. Back in February of 2010 I had already booked quite a few vendors, but decided to go to a bridal show anyway to see what was happening. Going to a bridal show in general was mistake number one, but that's not what this post is about. While at this particular bridal show, my eye was drawn to one table in particular - a florist who used A LOT of pink. His arrangements were gorgeous. I got his contact information and started conversing back in forth through e-mail and phone about what we wanted for our wedding. He was really great and I was so excited to meet him. He laid out my vision better than I could describe in words, and the price could not be beaten. From that point on I had always said that the only good thing about going to that stupid bridal show was that I met our florist there.

Ha. Well now, there apparently was nothing good that came from that bridal show.

We booked the florist in late March 2010 and our deposit check was cashed early April 2010. We e-mailed a bit during August of 2010 about centerpieces, and he sent me some pictures of recent work he had done that month. In his last e-mail he let me know that if I needed to rent candles or table numbers from him to let him know.

Mid-January 2011 rolls around and I'm starting to look into candles and other similar details. I e-mail him and ask how much he charges to rent and if he had any pictures of the table numbers. My e-mail goes unanswered.

Early March 2011 I e-mail him again, responding off of a prior e-mail that he had responded to in hopes that he would recognize me as a client that he's spoken to before. Still no answer.

I begin investigating. His facebook page? Gone. For a while, I was still able to see his webpage, but as of yesterday that website is gone too. I manage to track down his phone number from Wedding Wire and give it a call. DISCONNECTED. Further investigation led me to a "meet up" page in which he writes that he is moving to Washington DC in January - and he became a member of this site in JULY 2010. Excuse me? Really? So you've had these plans just months after I booked you and don't have the decency to let me know WAY in advance so that I could find another florist? Or was this so that you could keep my $200 deposit for your moving expenses?

There was nothing more I could do at the time than to send one more e-mail asking him to PLEASE contact me as soon as possible. I left my phone number and two different times that he would be able to reach me. If he doesn't call within those time frames (which I'm sure he won't) it looks like we'll have to do this the hard way. I have no doubts in my mind that I'll be contact the Better Business Bureau on Monday and looking for a new florist as soon as possible. I wish I could deal with finding a new florist this weekend but I have way too much school-related stuff going on to even consider it. I started doing a bit of research and am finding that so many of the reputable florists that many ladies use are just too far out of our budget, and popularity wise I'd find it unbelievable if they were actually available for our date. Local shops are probably our best bet right now.

I hope this doesn't turn into a huge to-do with going to court and all that. I don't have the time or energy to deal with this nonsense.