Monday, January 31, 2011


As in MY birthday!

I turn 22 today, though every time I think about my birthday I think of how I was actually born really late at night, like 11:50 pm or something, and how I might as well have just been born on February 1st. But oh well.

Saturday I celebrated my birthday with the family - out to dinner and back to the house for some apple pie and presents (a gift card to the movies and two sweaters, one of which I am currently wearing). Mark and I also went ice skating on Friday night, which I wasn't really in the mood for and kind of spoiled the evening. Obviously I still feel a bit guilty about that.

Today so far we went out to breakfast....and opened presents....
Ta da! I'm so excited! It is a beauty.

I've had in mind that this was going to be my gift for weeks now. Well, not necessarily a Nook, but some sort of e-reader. Mark tried to throw me off by telling me that he looked through some of them and that they were too expensive, and he almost had me believing that he really didn't buy one until he brought out my gifts today. He also got me a case for it as well as a case for my macbook. I feel so tech-y right now, it's pretty exciting!

My class got canceled today too, so it's been very nice and relaxing so far. When Mark gets home from school I think we're going to go to the mall and then out to dinner to my absolute FAVORITE Mexican restaurant and stuff myself full of chips & salsa and a gigantic chimichanga.

Birthdays are usually so anticlimactic in my opinion, but I have to say, this one is going quite well so far!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Not to jinx it,

I've started eating healthy again. I've been trying new things. I'm not even doing a half bad job! Some honorable mentions of foods I've recently tried:
Oh. My. Gosh.


I hate Greek yogurt. Hate hate hate hate hate.
I love normal yogurt. But this stuff. Especially the plain one?! UGH. I've tried a flavored one too. Noooooooo. I am not a fan. I just tried eating some not too long ago. I could only manage eating it as it covered an entire blackberry. The bite of plain yogurt I took almost made me vomit, I kid you not.

This, however, was very good.

The one I tried had spinach and broccoli, couldn't find a picture of it. It's still somewhat high in fat, but the key is that I'm not eating anything else that is incredibly high in fat, so it works out. I like that it's organic AND it was on sale when I went grocery shopping! Which meant that the sale price was about the same as the regular old frozen pizzas.

I hope I can stick to the plan. I have a wedding dress to wear soon and I'm slightly freaking out about it now.

The diet plan, for anyone interested, can be found here. A different self one than my original plan a few months back, but I like this one better anyway.
I don't follow it exactly. I do follow some of the meals, especially breakfasts, and other meals I draw inspiration from to create my own concoctions.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

5 months to go!

It's so hard to believe that the wedding is only five months away now. Crazy! I know I've probably said this before, but with having such a long engagement it has felt in the past like the wedding would NEVER get here. And now, we're so close!

Not much more has happened since I last updated as far as planning goes. I put our bakery agreement and deposit in the mail this morning, so we "officially" have booked that. I think the cake is going to look awesome, and I can't wait to go to our cupcake tasting in March. It should be really fun! This place has a ton of different flavored cupcakes and I'm really excited to have so much variety available for our guests. I'm not sure if anyone will be able to roll themselves onto the dance floor after all they've been eating! In fact, I originally had planned on having a candy bar as our favor...but I'm starting to rethink it. That might be too many sweets for one night.

I'm still awaiting the arrival of our invitations, which I ordered a couple of weeks ago. I chose the longest time frame for them to be delivered (as it was significantly cheaper and I'm really in no hurry as of now), so I'm not anticipating them to be here any sooner than next month sometime. Reflecting back on it, I feel like sending out Save-the-Dates was kind of a waste of time. It's helpful for out of town guests to plan ahead, but we didn't really have that many out of town guests to begin with. Plus, when I sent them out I didn't even have all of the addresses ready from some of my family, and I've decided to add a couple of friends since then. In fact...I can even think of some people that we were wavering about at the time, and sending Save-the-Dates made it seem like we had to make all of the decisions too early on. I do like the fact that we were able to design something with one of our engagement pictures though, so that is definitely a positive of the whole ordeal.

But anyway. Without further ado, here is my four-months-out February checklist:

1. Mom & Junior Bridesmaid Dresses

2. Officially Book Honeymoon Flight

3. Purchase Accessories (shoes, jewelry, veil and/or hairpiece, etc.)

4. Finish Registering

5. Purchase Wedding Stuff - I don't even know exactly what yet, hence the word "stuff." I generally mean items that are going to be used either at the ceremony or the reception. Examples may include candles, baskets, guest books, card boxes, sand ceremony and/or unity candle or something else of the sort, and so on. I guess the first step will be mapping out exactly what I need and going from there. I may even (dare I attempt?) gather up some DIY supplies.

Once we get past the four month mark, my lists from then on out are going to be HUGE. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I have a lot to yawn about lately. Particularly when it comes to my classes.

I can't tell you how EXCITED I was about my classes this semester. I had a really horrible schedule at first and then I found some really interesting-sounding classes shortly before the semester started and was uber excited about it.

And then I went to the classes. Oy. Not what I was hoping.

I mean, how could you go wrong with a class on Adolescence and Youth and a class on the Psychopathology of Childhood???? HOW, I ASK YOU? Those subjects are my forte, my inspiration, my highest of all interests, psychologically speaking.

I don't want to say that it's all the faults of the professors...but it's mostly the fault of the professors. The structure of lectures is not ideal, the research topic given to us is entirely too narrow and unbreathable, and now we're getting assigned some weird "homework" to complete? Homework is not usually in the vocabulary of a senior college student unless it's a reading assignment or a paper. I don't get it.

And unfortunately for me, when I signed up for those classes I decided to take a less intense English course to wrap up my minor and I really am regretting that too. I would have liked to take something more challenging and read more interesting and new books if I would have known my other classes would be such a bore. So far we've read Hamlet, and now are reading Frankenstein, both of which I've read already in high school. And the class is really too large for any meaningful discussions. Plus it's at 6:30 PM once a week. What was I thinking when I signed up for that? Seriously. Ugh.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Holy Updates!

It seems like only a few short days ago; I was mapping out all of the wedding planning that I needed to get accomplished over the next month and slightly freaking out at how close we were getting to the wedding.

Now, I couldn't be more ecstatic with our progress.

We did our cake tasting, LOVED the results, and are sending in the contract and deposit next week. Everything is settled with our honeymoon. We've ordered invitations. We've made a decision on the rehearsal dinner (going back to my parent's house for snacks/BBQ). We even have some progress in the bridal shower department. And our Bed, Bath and Beyond Registry is (I believe) about 100% completed. The plan right now is to finish up the rest at Target, but I imagine that we probably won't find everything we want there and will have to go back and add some items.

I even almost found a pair of shoes. I tried on two or three pairs at DSW recently that I really liked, one pair in particular, but unfortunately nothing came in white - only ivory. I was contemplating a bit as to whether or not I could get away with ivory shoes and white dress, but upon further reflection I realized that the difference between the two colors is definitely too discernable. Sigh. I really liked these shoes too! Here's a link...(I would just post a picture but sometimes I still have trouble with this newfangled contraption of a macbook pro)

Eeek! I could just squeal with excitement (in fact, I do squeal with excitement at least once a day). All of these checks off of my list!

And just a few short days after our wedding, we'll be soaking up the sun in lovely Myrtle Beach:
See?! There we are! We're down by the water! We're paddling out on our boogie boards with tummies full of hot dogs and snacks from the boardwalk and hearts full of newly-wedded bliss.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just passing the time,

yes, i am in fact posting a blog entry from my phone, while i sit in a men's hair cutting facility waiting for mark to get finished with a haircut. so please excuse the lack of capitalization and any other errors you may come across.

seriously though? what is with these male oriented places? a bunch of tvs with sports center playing, attractive women in high heels as the hair dressers, a bar??? it feels so sexist to me for some reason. i do admit i can sometimes be overly sensitive to gender issues... but my salon is pretty nice and i dont get to watch tv orr have fabio massage my head...just sayin.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Oh em gee,

So much for eating healthy & eating at home! Geesh.

I decided to start jotting down my food diary into my google calendar so that it'd be more accessible and I'd actually write in it every day (since I'm really obsessed with my google calendar).

Sunday, Mark and I went to Outback for dinner and used a giftcard.
Monday, we got McDonald's for lunch.
Tuesday, we went to Olive Garden for my mom's birthday dinner.
Wednesday, we headed out on a midnight Coney run with my friends.
Thursday, I made tacos for dinner (whew!)

But then today my body was all like "I. NEED. PROCESSED. RESTAURANT. FAST. FOOOOOOD." Growling at me while I was trying to concentrate at school. But after figuring out that we already ate out almost every single day of the new year, I felt thoroughly horrible and came home to eat instead.

Tomorrow I was planning on getting pizza for Mark's birthday! I still will, actually. It is his birthday, after all. But after this I'm gonna need to take a break for quite a while.

I do have a positive note though! I have been steering clear of pop! I had one glass at Olive Garden and that is IT. I'm very proud of that. I would typically drink pop about every day, sometimes more than once a day which is horrifying.

My cleaning resolution is also going well. The only room that is a disaster area currently is the office. Everything else looks quite good.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New year & much to do!

I can't believe it is already 6 days into the new year. And I haven't posted anything yet!

The year has already been stressful for me. I've been running into some problems with paying for my very last semester of school and all the books that are coming with it ($250 worth of books, that is). Thankfully, my parents chipped in to help me pay for my books, so if my private loan doesn't go through, I'll just need to figure out the remainder of my bill. I'm really hoping I won't have to use my credit card (again) but I guess I just gotta do what I have to. Which stinks. I won't even get into the details of why my private loan is being such a pain in the butt. Suffice it to say that I was extremely annoyed to the point of tears and apparently the loan is still "processing" or waiting on a decision or something. Blah.

On the wedding front, I'm also feeling some pressure to start getting things done. I meant to get a lot more accomplished over Christmas break but somehow that didn't happen. Here is my list of what I hope to get done in January (5 months out).

1. Book baker. We have an appointment set up for next week, and if all goes well we will just book them. I do have a back-up bakery that I am in contact with and could set up an appointment if necessary. I've been meaning to check this off of my list for MONTHS but just have not really gotten around to it.

2. Honeymoon. Mark's aunt and uncle were generous enough to offer a house that they own in Myrtle Beach for our use if we would like to have it. After weighing our options, it seemed like the best honeymoon choice for us. Now that we're decided on that, we just need to get going on plane tickets, rental car, and any other planning that we might want to lay out in advance. And of course I'm going to need to get some new clothes and possibly a new bathing suit for the occasion. Yay!

3. Invitations. We are actually all finished with designing our invitations, I just need to get them ordered and then start on addressing and assembling. I can't believe in 3 months we'll be sending them out!

4. Mom & Junior Bridesmaid Dresses. Now that we're set on tuxes, this is the last group of attire that we need to make sure gets ordered. I meant to do this over break also but somehow just didn't get around to it. I'm hoping I'll be able to do this within the next few weeks, but it's really a pain that I have to work every single weekend evening.

If I manage to get all of that done, then I'll be SET with the big checks and will be on to the smaller details for February. I know for sure that I want to get my hair appointment done during spring break (which is at the end of February) but otherwise I'll have to figure things out when we come to that time. Yikes! I can't believe it is getting so close.