Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I've now organized everything I need to get organized in respect to my diet for November. The way the SELF meal plans work, is that you can choose meals from Month 1 during the first month, Month 1 & 2 during the second month, and all 3 during the last month. This idea isn't exactly going to work for me because I simply don't think I'll like a lot of the meals offered, so I combined some meals from 1 and 2 for all areas except snacks. They all are separated into the same amount of calories anyway, so I don't really see the difference.

I also took into account what groceries I would need to buy and tried to make substitutions and find meals that have like ingredients. So these are the meals that I have come up with:

-Southwest Frittata
-Apple-Cheddar Melt
-Portobello and Pesto Egg Scramble
-Banana-Pecan Cereal

-Turkey & Hummus Sandwich
-Pesto Chicken Wrap
-Lentil Soup with Cheese, Fruit, and Crackers
-Salmon Salad Sandwich (I plan to substitute tuna)
-Spicy Roast Beef Wrap

-Spiced Salmon over Brown Rice
-Farfalle with Veggies in Creamy Marinara
-Pesto-Portobello Napoleon
-Asian Cod & Snap Peas
-Sausage Ravioli Toss

-Cottage Cheese with Cucumber
-Banana Roll
-Cottage Cheese, Nuts, and Banana
-Crudités & Hummus

-York peppermint patties
-BBQ potato chips

Sounds pretty good, right? I think I managed to find some of the tastier and simpler meal ideas. I did not delve into the Month 3 meal plan yet so there may be even more treats to add come December and January.

Since I'm sure that rotating 5 different options for each meal time over the course of a month will get boring, I'm sure I'll come up with some extra ideas for meals as well. A simple grilled chicken dish for dinner, or a bagel or English muffin with peanut butter for breakfast will have to suffice for busy days.

My next tackle is to prepare myself for the work out portion of the challenge. This will be equally as difficult for me because I do not exercise very often. We'll see what we have to work with in that area soon!

Monday, September 27, 2010

A new idea!

I have an idea for a new blog segment that I'd like to start up soon. I'd like to title it "I really want to lose 3 pounds" in honor of Mean Girls, but we'll see how it turns out. I'd actually like to lose MORE than 3 pounds, but I'm sure you get the picture.

My plan begins here with emptying my cupboards, refrigerator, and freezer over the next month. That will be no easy feat in and of itself. The main purpose of that is to keep myself from spending any other money on groceries, because starting in November I'll be following (as strictly as I can) the 2010 Self Challenge (which you can learn more about at

Basically the Self Challenge is set up to give you meal and workout plans for three months, and you set your own goal as to how much weight you want to lose, or some other type of goal. I've sort of attempted it in the past but the meal plan always got to me. Of course now that I'm the major grocery shopper in the house, I can more easily make these meals (although there is no telling if I'll like them or not?)

I'm hoping that through November, December, and January I'll get a good grasp on my health. After staying strict to the diet for those three months, I'll go back to a normal meal plan that I'll make up myself, still staying away from junk foods and continuing to work out. These are my goals anyway. Overall I'd like to lose ten pounds, which seems like a lot, but if I do it will put me back to my weight in high school and I'd be very happy with that.

This is not to say that I am overweight right now. I'm not. But gaining ten pounds since high school is obviously not a healthy thing, and I can't just lead a lifestyle where I'm gaining some ten-odd-pounds every 3 years. That's just setting myself up for failure. I feel like I have a lot of motivation that lies within my wedding dress, which accentuates my stomach QUITE a bit - and I bought it over a year ago, so that's also pretty depressing that it doesn't look as great now as it did when I first bought it.

I think that I'll probably use labels for the segment so that those posts can be easily found in the sidebar. I might also use labels for anything wedding related as well.

SO! Hopefully within the next few days I'll get some pictures of my cupboards up here so that you all can see all the food I have to somehow make do with for the next month!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Nerdy Samantha wants to show you something


I think I am going to need to at least reread the first half of this book before November 19!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


So I don't want to jump the gun on this, especially because I'm not eating as healthy as I could be.


I worked out.
this week alone.

And it's only Tuesday! Am I on a roll or what? Yesterday my sister and I did the 30 day shred, and today I had an exam so after class I went over to the gym and used the elliptical for 20 minutes. I also think I'm going to try and do Pilates before I go to bed. I know it's not the GREATEST amount/quality of working out possible, but it's a start!

Food is my nemesis though. And wouldn't it be just like Mark to call me up five seconds ago and say "I know you're trying to eat healthy and all, but I'm going to McDonald' you want anything?" I said no and hung up quickly. But I'm EXTREMELY tempted to call him back. I did eat lunch about two hours ago. But I'm kind of hungry now. Would a cheeseburger really kill me?

I'm getting hungrier by the second just thinking about it. I could just use the opportunity to eat a VERY early dinner? Maybe?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Dentist = :(

I finally made it out to the dentist today after avoiding it as long as possible. It just so happened that last week, my mom and sister went in to the dentist, and one of the receptionist somehow brought up in conversation that I hadn't been in a year....

Yes, I had been avoiding the dentist. Who wouldn't?

So naturally, as it had been quite some time since my teeth were professionally cleaned and checked out, and I'm not huge on flossing, it was a treacherous experience. I was a bleeding mess. I STILL feel like all I can taste in my mouth is blood. And my gums are a bit sore. I guess I'm having some issues in certain areas with gingivitis, which means I REALLY need to jump on the bandwagon with flossing. Ugh.

Not that I have anything against flossing, but it's always so painful and I often get the floss stuck between my teeth and proceed to go into a panic state. I've never actually yanked my tooth out with a bit of floss, but it could happen, right???

I promise I'll be better about my dental health. I even made my next appointment while I was still there, so no avoiding it for me! Six months from now I'll go back into that office and I WON'T come out sore and unhappy.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Unhappy already today...

While I'm glad that I don't have school very often this semester as I'm finishing things up, I'm not glad that I have 8 AM class. It never used to be a problem when I was living at home, but living with Mark is a different story. Our house is small, and we run on two different schedules. It also doesn't help that we are both light sleepers.

Last night, for example, Mark worked a midnight release for a video game. I hate when he works those. First, I'm freaked out when I come home to an empty house. I try to just leave all the lights on for as long as possible, but eventually I have to go to bed. I was anticipating waking up around 6:30, but falling asleep just wasn't happening. It stresses me out more to know that I need to get to sleep soon all while my mind is racing at every tiny creak in a pipe or whatever other noises a house can make.

When he gets home, he comes into the bedroom to check on me (since of course I've been texting him to hurry up and get home, lol) but by that point I finally DID fall asleep and now was interrupted.

THEN after he plays a few hours of this new video game I am awoken by the sound of the shower running and him coming to bed.

Finally, my alarm goes off. I need to make a split second decision. Go to class? Sleep? Is class really important? Is sleep more important? Where do my priorities lie?

I know in the real world I could never do this. If I have to wake up for work, then I have to just do it. But school feels like there is some leeway there.

I chose to sleep. I was irritated, exhausted, getting a headache, and just didn't feel that I could muster the energy to have to get up, get ready, eat breakfast, and drive there. And then stay there until 3 PM.

Of course then my mind begins racing again. I fall in and out of sleep because I'm worrying about what's happening in my class. When I finally wake up I am so irritated and unhappy with myself. Not so much that I skipped the class, but that I didn't prevent this lack of sleep from happening in the first place. Why was I so scared to fall asleep?

I wonder if there is such a disorder as something to do with sleep and anxiety. If so, it seems like I have something like it.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Registering, take one

Mark and I both had the day off today, so it was a perfect time to go out and start one of our wedding registries. I had started one at Target online only, but have gone back and forth about it since, and I'm still not sure if we'll actually go through with that one. Like my mom said, it would be very beneficial to have Target gift cards on hand for grocery and essential items, but I'm not sure about registering there as a whole. I've heard some negative things about them, particularly in regard to their return policy. So that will be determined later I suppose.

So today we hit Bed, Bath, and Beyond - I think a pretty common choice for most engaged couples. For the most part it was a good experience, but there was some headache involved for both of us. First, I didn't anticipate that we would take so long to make decisions on certain items. I should have suspected this in the first place because we've gotten into plenty of disagreements when purchasing items before, but the thought didn't really cross my mind. Second, I wasn't aware that we'd have an associate hold our hands nearly the ENTIRE time we were there. Granted, he was helpful in setting up some place settings for us so that we could choose our flatware, ect...but then he proceeded to lead us around the entire store, trying to get us to buy all sorts of items on a whim with no discussion and not searching out other options. It just seemed sort of crazy. I'm sure he has a great idea of what the best items out there are, but I also have an idea of the people that are going to be purchasing these gifts and some of those super expensive items just aren't practical for us...I wouldn't know what to do with them

Once he finally cut us loose, we were relieved but also exhausted. We only spent about ten more minutes in the store before we decided to call it quits for the day. I assume that we'll go back some weekend in the near future to finish up what we can and then move on to the next store - whichever that may be.

I am pretty excited about the dinner ware and flatware that we chose. Looks like our kitchen and dining theme is going to be neutral, which I really love considering the living room and bedroom are both black and white. Although we both love black/white decor I can't take much more of it - but these earthy tones should turn out really nicely. I can't wait to figure out more of what we need/want!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Senior Year!

I can't believe that today was the first day of my SENIOR year of college. It feels like my senior year of high school was just yesterday. It is really amazing how quickly time flies.

I'm a bit nervous already for this school year. Even though I am taking less credits than usual (because I only have so many left - yay!) the pressure is on for me to get my grades up as high as I possibly can. I'd really like to SOMEHOW raise my GPA about .1-.2 points. Over the summer I only gained about .03 points so that wasn't very helpful.

My classes seem pretty difficult too (but don't they always). I'm completing my capstone course this semester, which for lack of a better explanation, is like the end-all-be-all course that you take for your major. Kind of like the "final requirement." I already have an oral presentation on an article due in TWO WEEKS! It is partially my fault because I signed up for that slot, but the schedule corresponded to specific articles and that one sounded interesting to me, so what's a girl to do, right?

I also have a health psychology course, which I am excited for. We're watching "Supersize Me" and writing two essays on it. That should be fun. I also have an intro philosophy class which seems ridiculously hard for a 100 level course. Or maybe the professor is trying to scare some people off because we didn't even have enough desks today and some people had to sit on the floor. I think he also assumed we were all in our first year and never have written a paper in college before. There - I feel better already.

I decided on a whim (again with the whims?) to change around my winter semester classes too. I was registered in a random sociology class and the more I thought about it, the more I don't care to take it. So I opted to switch it to an intro anthropology class because I really want to take anthropology and haven't yet. And it's my last semester, after all! In turn I had to swap an American Lit course for a British. That's fine with me; I don't really have a preference one way or the other anyway. It's the last English course I need for my minor so whatever is around I'll take. I wanted to find a way to fit this one English class called "Blogging as an English Self-Narrative" but it didn't really fit. I'm taking another Psychology course instead. Though come to think of it, I don't actually "need" that Psych course for any specific requirement...maybe I'll swap that out on a whim too, at a later date. How fun would it be to take a class on blogging?