Thursday, June 17, 2010

Whirlwind summer

We're already half way through June and I can hardly believe it. Where is the summer going? It is possible that summer will begin to slow down a bit more once we head into July, and I certainly hope it does! I have one more class tomorrow and have a paper to write for a final over the weekend, and so that class will be over and my new one will be starting up. The new one will definitely help my crazy schedule because its only twice a week instead of three times like my current class.

After this week I'll have only two weeks left of my internship, which I can hardly believe! I will honestly be really sad to leave and will miss it a lot. I am getting that feeling toward the end where I am itching to just get the end over with, but if the end was not arriving I don't think that I'd be experiencing this feeling at all. It also has to do, I'm sure, with being just plain busy and therefore tired when I get in to work.

Dairy Queen is the other usage of my time, and since we've moved it already feels like a hassle to get into work on my scheduled days. With the economy being as it is I don't want to quit and assume I'll be able to find another job, but in the same I do just want it to be over with because all this driving a half hour to get ANYWHERE I need to go is starting to make me a little crazy!

I did apply for a new job that I heard of from another intern, a Youth Specialist position in a local county's Juvenile Justice Center. It would definitely be along the same lines of the internship I have now, just working with kids in a different setting. I've already submitted the application so now I just need to set up an appointment to take some sort of testing - not sure what it is about, maybe literacy? I don't know.

I really wish I had some more time to do fun things. Whenever I get a chance I've been trying to make more wedding plans, as we are just about a year out now (which is crazy by the way!) and I'd like to have just about everything finished this summer (at least major details). Now that I'm getting so close to having almost everything booked I'm getting sort of nervous for the smaller details to start up. I'm planning on having this weekend to OFFICIALLY finish the guest list, get the number of save-the-dates/invites needed, and choose the engagement picture(s) to put on the save-the-dates and order them! And then next week we are meeting with another officiant so hopefully that goes well too.

Over the weekend we had Mark's sister's baby shower and my sister's graduation party, so that was pretty busy but a good time. This weekend is my cousin's graduation party, working, and then Father's Day events so another busy weekend ahead. I'm pretty excited to have a day off on Sunday though even though there are some Father's Day like things to attend to.

Not much else is happening in my world. I hope that I won't be consumed by working and school very soon so I can enjoy some summertime relaxation!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

All settled in

Wow, I can't believe I FINALLY have some time to sit down and write about moving into our new house! It's been a week since move-in and we just about have everything settled and unpacked. Since the house is small we still have some issues with making sure things fit right, but we are definitely on the right track!

Moving day was pretty exhausting. It was hot outside and we had SO much more stuff than I realized. Plus it was a pretty long drive to Royal Oak.

I had a potentially catastrophic moment with Tricks too. We packed Tricks away in the same box that we have had since we adopted him, which I'll admit is getting a little small for him. He was already unhappy for the day because we had to shut him in a given room while we moved stuff because the doors were all open and he would have ran outside. So poor kitty was EXTREMELY unhappy during this ride. I had him buckled in to the front seat with me, both of my windows down, and he was just meowing and crying and scratching at the box for a good long while. He was really starting to get worse, really attacking the box with his claws and shaking it, and so as we're driving down 75 I get into the far lane and start going 80/85 just so that I can get there faster. At this point now he is FREAKING out, the whole box is going nuts, and the top of it looks like it is about to pop off. I'm really nervous because my window is down and I don't have automatics so I would have to crank it back up. All the sudden he bursts his entire head through the box, making a hole, and then is totally stuck, choking himself, can't get in or out. I started bawling my eyes out and pulled over on the side of the freeway so that I could roll up the window and free him, and Mark came and took Tricks out of my car and kept him on my lap the rest of the way. It was SO scary, I thought he was either going to choke himself or jump out the window!

That was maybe the high-light of the moving experience. Everything else about it was just hot and sticky and a pain. I'm amazed that we were able to fit so much in here. Thank goodness for the attic. We had to pack away a lot of random stuff to keep in storage. There is a really nice linen closet though and some great cabinets in the laundry room too.

We haven't really accessed our area yet just because of us being busy unpacking and working and all that stuff. I really want to make sure to hit up a lot of new places in downtown Royal Oak soon though. Yesterday we went to downtown Ferndale to a little restaurant called "The Flytrap" which, when I learned it was features on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives (one of my FAVORITE shows), we just had to go! It was pretty interesting. Small menu, kind of interesting items, not really conventional at all. It was good. I wouldn't go back often, but I'd go back to try something new.

The next thing that we need to do is find a kitchen table. The one that my aunt and uncle gave us just doesn't fit in here, we need a two-seater and hopefully the plan is to just find a table that already matches the chairs so we can save money in that respect. We also really want to purchase a grill and we are hoping to plan a housewarming barbecue sometime before the end of summer.

I'm greatly considering planting a garden as well, as long as money and time allows. I don't think seeds are very expensive, but at least for now there is a lot going on and I wouldn't have any opportunity to set aside a day to just plant and weed and water. Hopefully in the future when my internship ends. Although I'm so sad about it, at least I won't be so busy.

Today was my first day off where I didn't actually have anything to do! (ie: moving, graduation, ect). I did have to catch up on some laundry, go grocery shopping, and finish a project for school, but now that is all done and I can finally relax. Mark is getting off work in about 2 hours and we're going to try and hit Bed Bath and Beyond before it closes and then go to Steak & Shake for dinner. Again, not really utilizing our new fun downtown location, but Steak & Shake has been a craving of mine lately. :)

Tomorrow I am hoping to attend a new church that is closer to around here, and is also one in which I've e-mailed the pastor a few times and am considering meeting with him about our wedding. Hopefully it goes well. Then it's Sabrina's high school graduation, which will be very nice and I'm really glad that she has found some direction for her life after high school already. I wonder if being at the graduation will spark any memories of my own? I hardly remember any details of it anymore other than walking and it being hot in there.

I think that I've out-blogged myself today. Will update soon.