Sunday, February 28, 2010


Yeah funny story...we discovered our kitten is actually a boy. I had my suspicions for a bit and I won't go into an details about the discovery but I'm sure you can imagine what might have happened. Definitely a boy. Most definitely. We had some trouble trying to rename him (Hermy the Hermaphrodite was in the running for a bit) but we've settled on Tricks, or Tricky, whatever. Because he tricked us and also he does a lot of random weird tricks like climbing on stuff, somersaults, playing fetch, ect. But he's getting so fat. I don't know what to do! I assume he's hungry all the time and I guess feeding him four times a day is a bit much after all...

Friday, February 26, 2010

Life is pretty odd sometimes. One minute it feels like it is flying by at full speed and the next it seems slower than molasses. Does it ever feel quite right? I'm sure it does, but when I'm in a mind frame like I am right now, I can hardly imagine what it feels like when life happening at the speed I desire.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm currently eating a huge leftover pastrami sandwich that I got from a deli. I wanted to try pastrami because I watch a lot of food stuff on TV and all those silly New Yorkers and other New Englanders were just swearing by them in this one episode of some sort of best sandwich shops. That and Philly Cheesesteak, which will be my next try.

I need to clean up this place. Seriously. It's soooo bad. I can hardly stand it.

Aren't cats weird? I can't figure them out. Sadie is like a little person, but not. She is though! She wants to be around you wherever you are, yet she refuses to sit on your lap and be petted. She'd rather sit next to you and stretch out her paws so that she's touching you just slightly. She's so weird. She sits right up on the same chair as me when I'm eating at the table. She meows at the door if I close her out of somewhere. Then she tries to get your attention by climbing on stuff and knocking stuff over. She seriously is trying to get attention when she does that stuff.

And she's totally black you know, so she's pretty good at hiding in the dark. But we have a WHITE comforter and she doesn't get that. She still thinks she's incognito and tries to sneak up on you while you're laying in bed even though she sticks out like a sore thumb. Or she is walking across your body to pounce on your face, like you wouldn't notice or something! She's so funny.

But I'm proud of her. She knows how to fetch. She's a cat though - she only does it when she wants to. Cats are just like that I guess.

This sandwich is insane, though. It's got so much pastrami, and swiss cheese, and Russian dressing (whatever that is), and coleslaw. It's so huge.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

recent events.

Not much has been going on in Sam's world lately besides the usual activities. In exactly ten months I will be graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a minor in English and I could not be more thrilled for that day to come (as long as everything goes according to plan and I get in to the class I want). The unfortunate part that has been eating at me is the whole grad school issue. I really do not want to go. I can hardly stand the thought. I'm trying to get used to the idea but at this point I think I'm at a few different options...
1. Take a year off to try and find a job. If nothing, go back to school in 2012.
2. Take a year off and find a job. Secure said job, then go back to school in 2012 part time.
3. Go to school immediately in January 2011 (if possible) to start an MA in Counseling.
4. Go to school September 2011 to start an MA in Counseling.
5. Work all summer volunteering and catching up on prereqs and apply for a MOT (Master's of Occupational Therapy) September 2011.
6. Take a year off to work in addition to getting volunteer hours and start working towards an MOT in September 2012.

I hardly like any of those options because none leave me with the prospect of actually finding a job that I will keep for a while. Even with option one where I do find a job, I would still probably need to go back to school or suffer making 30-40,000 a year tops. Maybe 50, if I'm really good at whatever I do (Probation officer, perhaps? Foster Care worker? Other?)

On top of stressing about that part of the future, I've been kind of bummed about pushing our wedding back another year (although I know it is the most responsible decision). I just am though. I've been so excited and now it is so far away. 499 days actually. That's a lot of days! I think that I'll start feeling better once we get back into the swing of planning. It'll keep my mind off of other things too, and it'll be fun. I've got some plans in the works for our engagement pictures and save-the-dates right now, so hopefully by early March I'll contact our photographer about that.

Did I mention I hate studying? No? Silly me. That's what I should be doing right now. How will I ever honestly survive grad school when I scarcely study in undergrad? Ugh.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Now I'm 21!

So yesterday was my 21st birthday. I'd say it was a pretty good birthday all in all. At midnight I went out with the chunk of people who aren't away at school plus Jodi and Alyse to Boston's and ordered some drinks and such. So that was fun. And then for the actual birthday I spent time with Mark and the family, went out to dinner and had cupcakes and watched movies and opened presents. I got some pretty hefty giftcards which I am thrilled about and some money. And my beautiful kitten of course! But she's been around for a few weeks now.

In all the birthday like festivities, I totally avoided my homework all weekend. So I am not in my sociology class and just finished up some reading and preparing a presentation for my English class. Oh well...hopefully we don't have a quiz today. I wouldn't think so because later this week we're getting a writing assignment due Friday so it seems like maybe the quiz would be on Friday like last time. I don't know, I'm so behind in the readings in that class. Why is it that my only 100 level course is the one where I have a boatload of reading to do!? (Besides English). That's just annoying to me. I think I really have more reading in that class than in English. And we're reading ten novels this semester!

The weekend was pretty sad too with the recent events and Adam's funeral. Very sad. I'd really rather not discuss it any further than that. But it deserves to be mentioned, for sure.

I'm really debating about classes to take this summer. I have one for the second session chosen for sure. But the others I'm still trying to figure out. Somehow I seemed to have messed something up with my first choices and I had too many for one session and only one for the other. Plus the classes I choose are very dependent on the Master's program that I plan to pursue - which is still unknown to me until Mark makes up his mind about what school he wants to go to which in turn will be where we are moving to once our lease is up. I hope he decides soon. I'm such a future planner and he is such a procrastinator.

I suppose I should get ready for the day now. There is a class to attend and lots of other stuff to do.