Saturday, January 16, 2010


Mark and I have been discussing wanting to get a pet for quite a while now. There was a circumstance in which my aunt was possibly going to get us a kitten for free but we decided that the costs would be too high with vet bills, food, ect. So we have been patiently waiting for an opportunity to arise in which we would really be able to become proud parents to a lovely pet. Well, today was that day!

We were out running errands and had decided that we would next go to Borders (we never even got there) which was conveniently located next to a Petsmart. Right away I saw signs outside saying "Pet Adoptions" and I started sighing and saying to Mark "Please let's just not even go in there, I don't want to go in, it will make me so sad, please don't stop" but naturally he stopped the car and we went inside. There were quite a few adorable puppies and then some stacked cages of cats as well, most were adult cats but there were a few kittens also. We started talking to a lady who is part of the adoptions just to ask her about prices and such, because the signs on each cat said $120 and all had been spayed/neutered. Each cat lives in a foster home and then is brought to a place like Petsmart to try and get adopted.

The woman explained that the adoption fee is the 120 which contains all of the shots and vet visits for a whole year! Which is awesome. And then she started showing us some of the food that the particular kitten we were looking at likes, and the litter and such, and to tell you the truth, cat food is much less expensive than I thought. We figured it out that the total cost would be about $5 extra for a month. Not a huge expense.

The lady also told us the story about this little kitten. Her name is Noel and she was found on a football field by a group of cheerleaders while she was very young. They decided to keep her, so all day long they left her in the car while they were at school I assume, and then at night they'd sneak her into their house. Eventually one of the parent's found out and turned the cat in to the adoption place. She is only 11 weeks old and her name is Noel.

The lady said that this little kitten plays well by herself because she's used to being alone all day, but she'll like to play with us too. She LOVES to play. After all the deciding factors were in place, we decided that we would get the kitten and Mark would take that expense in place of my birthday present. SO I get a kitty for my birthday!

We renamed her Sadie, unofficially. She's so cute and hyper and loveable. She's all black, has a pretty long body but is thin, and yellowish eyes. She really REALLY likes playing. And exploring. She climbs on top of and inside of anything she can find, so far. Her idea of playing if there isn't any toys around is to latch both her arms around your forearm and start biting at you. That part we'll need to work on of course. She already cuddles up to us.

I'm very excited. Yay for Sadie!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

healthy! mostly.

So if you read my past blog about that strange swollen lymph node, I went to the Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist today to get things checked out. Just to refresh your memory - I've had this same swollen lymph node since summer, no other symptoms, went to the doctor and they drew blood, found that my white blood cell count was high, put me on antibiotics but the lymph node didn't go down.

Anyway, this Ear Nose and Throat specialist thing was kind of an uncomfortable experience. Lots of sticking things in my ears, touching the back of my throat, and a skinny but very long tube with a light on it that he stuck down my nose to get a good look at my throat (the cavity was numbed, don't worry). For some reason the numbing stuff made my nose and throat feel really horrible - my nose kind of like that feeling when you get water up your nose, and my throat like an unquenchable thirst turned pain. I just went home and slept it off and it's gone now, thankfully.

My diagnosis is chronic tonsillitis, just meaning that my tonsils are enlarged and have these holes in them as a result, and that they most likely will never reduce back to normal. Swollen lymph nodes are a result of that. So I'm not too concerned. The doctor said to just leave them alone and only come back if I'm getting frequent sore throats, and then I'd have to get them removed. Ugh - let's hope it doesn't come to that.

Monday, January 4, 2010

ready or not

The new year is in full swing, and I can definitely see a whole lot of stress and craziness in the distance. Most of it is my own fault for overanalyzing and worrying as per usual, but that's okay because it wasn't part of my New Year's Resolution to resolve those issues.
What? It was?
Oh I see.

But anyway, if I didn't worry a million times a day I just wouldn't be myself. My latest worry is school (again). Now that I've found a program for Mark at Eastern and a OT program that I could look into, I already feel like I need to reorganize myself and make space for extra classes and all that jazz. I just figured out that most likely I'll be able to graduate with the appropriate number of credits and have 4 of the 6 prerequisites done for that program. If all goes well and according to plan. Then I could take the rest at Eastern as a guest student if I wanted to. All of the 100 hours of volunteer work has to be done before you apply. And have to take the GRE. SO MUCH to think about!