Monday, November 30, 2009


Sometimes I get sad that the world is so corrupted. And everyone in it is also corrupt. And it's just sad. Kids these days. Sometimes I feel like I went from 17 to 30 in a matter of a few years. But I'd rather that, to be honest. I've said it before (not in this blog) that college life is not for me.

And I really like working at my internship. Trying to help people. The kids actually look up to me in some ways. They feel like they can relate to me which is super weird - more than one kid has asked me whereabouts I live in Pontiac and which High School in Pontiac I graduated from (do I look like a Pontiac dweller?) but I think it's kind of nice in a way that they don't all just look at me as the priveledged white girl. I'm really glad. Of course you can't get through to all kids - they have to have a certain disposition, unfortunately. It goes to show that people really don't change, easily or maybe even at all. Or maybe they more often change for the worse, as it's more challenging to change for the better probably.

I feel like my thoughts and feelings aren't making sense when I write them out. I'm just going to go contemplate to myself. Goodbye.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I'm upset. Real upset. I don't know what is with my grades this semester. They aren't any good, that's for sure! I don't know if I have just been working too much, or if I haven't adjusted my studying level to the class difficulty level, or what it is, but I'm really not doing so great. I mean I'm not doing BAD as in actually failing, but I'm not doing my usual best. It's upsetting. I've had a hard time staying focused this semester - need to really pick that up.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

ah psychology

I'm 3 pages in to my paper now, one article down and two-three more to go. Technically I only need two more and then analysis but I think I might just use all four for good measure. I think it's doing okay. I don't know.

I just baked some brownies and they seem all wrong. They are brownies with walnuts in them and then you squeeze caramel over top and then bake them. They came in this box.

And all it seemed to do was burn the caramel on top and not really cook the brownies all the way through. I took them out of the oven anyways because I didn't want to burn the caramel anymore so they are probaby going to be a little underdone, but I haven't tried them yet.

Thanksgiving is less than a week away. I'm bringing cresent rolls for my family's dinner and then for Mark's I think I'll make the other box of brownies that I have, or the Oatmeal raisin cookies. There was this deal at Meijer a few weeks back where if you buy three Betty Crocker products (cake, brownie, cookie, whatever) you get a free dozen eggs. Sounds like a good deal to me! And I got a coupon at the check out for another free dozen eggs. I think I'm getting pretty awesome at scoping out grocery deals and being frugal when grocery shopping. Now I'll I need to do is restrain myself from going out to eat and actually make the food that I buy!

I guess I should get back to work. This paper needs to be at least seven full pages. So I'm not even quite half way there. Sigh.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Of course I am. It is the end of the semester after all. But I'm really having some difficulties with managing it all. My only real option at this point is to stay up later...since I'm a firm believer that there is no humane way to spend every waking moment in class, at work, or doing homework. I have to stop and eat and relax a little! Not to mention try to add to the wedding plans...ugh. I still don't know what to do about a pastor! I might try and check and see if the day is still available at St. Peter and just not be so worried about it. I'm making a big project out of this it seems and I haven't actually spoken to a real, live pastor yet!

Sometimes I wonder if I've chosen the right path for my life. Major for example - it really seems like I should have been an English major sometimes. I'm good at English. I like reading, always have. So why was I being so difficult and deciding on psychology? Not that I'm bad at psychology but it's definitely not as easy as English would be. I'm sure everything will be fine though. No use in changing now. What's done is done and I just have to keep pressing on. My English class currently is a really great class but unfortunately the book we're reading right now (All The Kings Men by Robert Penn Warren...I really like it a lot it's beautifully written and interesting) is so LONG and the readings assigned take hours. Not to mention the homework for my stats class takes at least an hour per assignment without fail. Then I have a biology test on Thursday and my final paper for Aging on Sunday...I haven't even picked a topic for that yet. I'm so behind.

It'll be nice someday when school is over and all you have to do is go to work for eight hours and come home and relax or even do chores or cook dinner, I don't care, I'll do that stuff! School is just ughhhhhhh. I just can't WAIT for Christmas break. I can't wait I can't wait I can't wait!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


It's November? Seriously? Oh well.

I feel like I've suddenly become the laziest person on earth via not going to class and not really doing any homework or doing it at the very last second. I'm looking forward very much to Saturday (day off!).

Wedding world update:
I e-mailed the photographer today and said that we would like to book, so we're booked. Now we'll have to figure out what package we went and any extras, sign the contract, send in deposit, ect. I e-mailed back to see about that coupon for a free engagement session so we'll see what that was about tomorrow. And maybe we'll be having an engagement session soon which means I need to start working out asap. But I've transformed into superlazyperson so I don't know when asap will be.

Also checked back in with the woman who runs the premarital program at KCC and she said just to let her know whenever we want to start. So I'll probably give it a week or two and head that up. It takes six months and we've still got over eight so I'm not in a huge rush on that. Just another thing to add to our schedule. Although I'm excited about the whole thing actually. Maybe it's the psychology major/caseworker in me that really appreciates counseling - I don't know.

I'm just in a little bit of a mental health rut right now and need to bounce back. I got about eleven hours of sleep last night and still felt super super lazy. I hope I'm not getting sick.

Hope everyone is enjoying the fall weather while it lasts...I'm sure snow won't be too far off!

Samantha :)