Tuesday, September 29, 2009

busy busy

Wedding Update:
We went to a florist yesterday to check out what they have and prices and such. Nothing really to say about it. I'm not sold. The salesperson seemed really distracted or like rushing through or something. It was weird, I don't know.

As far as a day in my life goes, it has been productive I'd say. I went to classes at 8 and 10 and got out early, came home and ate lunch, cleaned up the kitchen/dining room/living room and vacuumed, worked out, showered, and here I am. I'll be leaving in a few for my next two class and then come home and eat dinner, and then I have a LOT of homework to do! A lot.

Tomorrow I'm interning until 5 and then later going to show my mom those dresses from Arena. And we'll see if I hopefully make a decision. And then I'll be back home to study some more! I have a lot of exams coming up. And a presentation/paper that I need to do.

So I have to go! I can't even write too much. Boo.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


So I decided to skip some classes today. Yes...I'm bad. I was just so tired! Far too tired to go to my 8 AM. And then I decided that going to my 5:30 PM class was highly unnecessary. That's why I'm here...not catching up on homework or housework or anything. Oh well. I'll get to it.

I was looking up quite a bit about honeymoons today. Hawaii has been officially crossed off the list. No matter what I do, it's way too expensive! So now I think it's going to be something like Jamaica or Aruba, which I'm very happy with. I would be happy with any sort of tropical vacation. And if all else fails and we want to go uber cheap, there's always Florida or something.

I changed my mind and I'm not taking pictures of food (stupid idea) but here's what I ate today. I didn't eat breakfast because I slept late instead. For lunch I ate an English Muffin pizza, but it's better than it sounds because it was a 100-calorie muffin and the cheese was reduced fat. And I tried to eat a peach but I don't think I really like peaches. Then for dinner I was SO hungry and I cooked myself a huge fattening meal of fried eggs, bacon, hash browns, and toast. It was great. But probably really cholesterol-ish.

I'm so glad the weekend is almost here! Tomorrow I have to work at the internship AND dairy queen but Saturday is a full day off! And we're having a little birthday dinner for my grandpa. So I'm really glad that Saturday is coming. Sunday won't be so bad either; I only work from 11 to 4. I can't wait until I'm laid off from DQ for the year! I'll be so happy. My weekends will be totally devoted to sleeping, homework, and wedding planning. YES!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

a little change in blog structure

So first I'll go ahead with the wedding updates. I booked the DJ! So that's that. My next stop is to turn in the application form for the Pastor at church. And after that I guess I need to decide on a dress ASAP. As far as photographers go, I think we are basically set with that. Mark has a coworker that does wedding photography so I believe we will be going with him and getting a good price at that. I'm glad we don't have to go searching around for yet ANOTHER wedding related thing. I'm already thinking that I'm not very excited about going to this flower appointment. I read on one of theknot.com boards that someone went simply to the grocery store and got bouquets and corsages made all for 83 bucks. So I am seriously considering checking out Sam's Club and Costco at the very least, as I'm not sure which other kinds of grocery stores would supply a great variety of flowers.

Now, on to my new ideas for this blog. In order to become a fit and healthy person, I have been trying to keep a food diary so that I can keep on track with what I'm eating. I've been keeping this diary for a long time, maybe two years, but it just never seemed to work for me. I tried posting on some messageboards on self.com where everyone posts their food diary publicly, but this didn't really help me either.

My new idea is to start posting some stuff on here, including posting pictures or links to pictures. I'm not sure which yet. My hope is that maybe if I actually SEE what I'm putting into my mouth after the fact rather than just writing down the words, it will make some sort of a difference for me and I'll really start to eat healthy. I didn't get pictures for all of my meals today because I only came up with the idea after lunch, but starting tomorrow I hope I'll get everything up here.

School is alright. I'm super sleepy and hate waking up early. Sam and I went out to dinner tonight and that was fun. Now I'm ready to just go to bed! Goodnight :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

LONG DAY. but maybe productive?

Today was a dress shopping day and I am about exhausted now. It is my only day off this week but I think that much has been accomplished. SO, I went to Arena Bridal with Sabrina, Laura, Sam, Jodi, and my Grandma to look at a real live bridal shop for dresses. My original plan was that we were going to hit at least three different bridal shops and maybe take an hour or so at each. In fact, we never even left Arena! There were so many dresses and a lot of beautiful ones that I didn't even feel like I needed to leave at all.

It's really hard to tell what a dress looks like when it's just sitting there on the rack. I had everyone just grab pretty much whatever they thought might look good and I did the same and then tried them all on. I took pictures as well just so that I remember what they look like. Man! I was really surprised at how un-picky I am. There were quite a few of them that I liked, and none of them were all that similar. There was one each of pretty much all styles, even a mermaid ish one which I thought I really disliked. I ended up with a top five, the top two probably being the most drastically different from each other - one was really elaborate, covered with lace and beads, vintage-y, and the most expensive of all of them. The other was the cheapest I found, very simple, a little bit poofy, with just a tiny bit of beading. We also found a top two bridesmaids dresses complete with a color picked out. At that point we had already spent a few hours and we took a break for lunch.

Jodi and I later went back to Group USA to try on that original dress that I liked and first and I suppose I do still like it but it was hard to tell at that point because I was just tired and the atmosphere in there is kind of a turn off. Not saying that I'm too good to buy a dress at a store in great lakes crossing or anything, it just doesn't have that same feeling like "wow! I'm in a bridal shop trying on dresses" and the salespeople don't really do anything and the lighting in there wasn't great. I don't know. I still like the dress. I would be happy with any of the ones I picked out. It's just HARD to decide! People talk about this moment where they are like "this is the one" but I like a lot of them and could really seriously consider myself in all of them. So what to do? The lady at Arena said dresses need to be ordered early because they take 8 months to come in after ordering! And then another one or two for alterations. That makes me extremely nervous. The wedding is about ten months away. So I need to get a move on!

In other news, on Monday I will be signing the contract and putting down the deposit for our DJ. I'm pretty thrilled about that. I have very good vibes coming from this DJ. Or maybe very bad vibes coming from the other options...whatever. I think it's a combination of both.

Next, I NEED to look into photographers. Who would have thought that there is SO much to do?

Good thing I have superior time-management skills.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

budget issues.

So I knew going in that booking the wedding on a Saturday meant that we were going to have to spend more. I also realize that the more people that are invited the more money we will have to be spending. However, I didn't think that it would start to compromise what we're spending on everything else! Now I feel like we're in a bit of a jam. I've spoken with three DJs and met with two, all of which have been rated very highly by various sources that I have looked into and therefore all of them have somewhat high prices, but nothing too crazy. I'm just concerned that I'll start booking this and that and soon...the money will run out and there will be nothing left for the honeymoon or things.

So, I've started thinking that it might be a better idea to book the honeymoon FIRST and then budget with the remaining money whatever we need to. I found a trip to Jamaica, flight and hotel, for what seems like a good price to me (who doesn't know anything about the prices of trips). All I know is that it was nearly 2,000 bucks cheaper than Hawaii. Now all I need to do is convince Mark that that is where we should go! I know it would be a great honeymoon. The hotel even has a waterpark in it, and it is right off of the ocean. Plus I really want to go out of the country because I've never been ANYWHERE and this seems to be a fantastic opportunity for that.

It would really put my mind at ease if we booked SOMETHING else. I have another phone number of a DJ I could call that is Mark's aunt and uncles' neighbor. But they live pretty far away and it seems like it would be more of a hassle than anything else especially since these other people are so close and have been known for doing a good job. So, I think by Monday I should like to book. I think. I have to corner Mark somehow and make him help me decide.

In other news, I am planning on going dress shopping this week, just to some ACTUAL bridal shops and such to make sure there isn't something else that I love that is still inexpensive. I'm almost sure that the first dress I found will be the one though. I love it so much, and it's pretty cheap to boot! I'll want to go ahead and buy that soon too because it needs to be shipped in (the store only carries "candlelight" and I want it in "white.")

I'll be sure to update on Monday if a final decision about the DJ and honeymoon has been made. I haven't been so great with updating this thing with school and whatnot but I did drop this one credit lab that was going to make me crazy so now I have three hours of more time per week in which to wedding plan! :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

school is BACK.

After some striking delays, school is back in session today. I was really convinced that there would not be school and so I didn't even concern myself with setting an alarm for 5:00 AM and checking my e-mail. I even planned on going to work at the internship today instead. But no - school is back.

I might be way in over my head after all. I do have 5 classes, but I figured the only ones that would really be difficult were my major (psychology) classes. And I'm worried already. It just seems like there is going to be SO much to do with school and the internship and wedding planning and then trying to squeeze in working at Dairy Queen? I assume I'll have to cut back to one day a week and eventually I'll hopefully need to just get laid off.

Everything about OU right now seems very corrupted, what with the tuition increases and the freezing of faculty salary as well as cutting their health care, all while the president is making 350,000 bucks a year? and the school is making a profit of over 10 million dollars each year? it all seems very very wrong.

I still have two classes today at 3 and 5:30, and then I'm planning to drag myself into the gym while I'm on campus and work out for a while. What a day it has been/will be.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

July 17!

I didn't realize I hadn't updated with the latest in wedding news! Well the date has been decided...July 17, 2010! Deposit has been put down and everything. I am very excited and I think the date is perfect. I'll have time to take a class spring semester if I choose to do so, and there is plenty of time before school starts back up in the fall (aka - time for a honeymoon!). I'm planning on going up to the church soon and speak with one of the pastors about the wedding and if they could possibly come to another location besides the church, probably on Monday night. I'm really not sure which Pastor I would like to do the ceremony though. Maybe any St. Peter's kids have a suggestion?

I've also set up an appointment to meet with a DJ on Tuesday night, and set up an appointment with Viviano Flowers at the end of the month. In between that, on weekends I'll be out dress shopping when I'm not working or doing homework. Of course at this rate, with the teachers strike, there isn't any class at all let alone homework! What good timing.

That's pretty much it for now. I will of course update as much as possible for anyone interested in hearing about all things wedding.