Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Boring day.

Wasn't it though? Today was awfully dull. I went to my internship, and it was a court day which means a lot of waiting around and not a whole lot of excitement. There was some good news, and some bad, so blah. We did visit one kid at Lifeskills which is a school in Pontiac, I believe it is another alternative school. I wrote up all my progress notes and then had like nothing else to do.

Mark went to work basically when I was getting off so I've been all alone. Cooked myself a lovely dinner of Chef Boyardee ravioli and an English muffin. I bought the whole grain English muffins so as to attempt to be healthy and actually they are kind of working out for me. I'm getting used to eating whole grains.

I guess maybe the highlight was talking to an admissions counselor for forty minutes who I think seemed like a student too from the University of Phoenix, and us trying to figure out if there really is a Masters in Mental Health Counseling degree there or not. It seems like a really different school; she said you only take one class and then it's over in six weeks? It might be a little bit too weird for me but I'll still keep checking it out, what the heck. I have a year to decide where I really want to apply for grad school anyway. I believe the decision stands that I really am going to go to grad school. A few programs seem to be two years or less so that won't be too miserable.

I really have a problem with obsessing about the future though! Planning out my school year next year, planning out my potential grad school stuff, planning out my wedding...anything you can think of about your life in the future I have began thinking about/planning for. Except buying a house, that's one thing I haven't looked into. I've even looked into Life Insurance! I think I might have some rare form of OCD.

I'm almost finished with watching my childhood on video. I actually skipped ahead to my birthday tape and I'm on the seventh birthday right now. There's nothing else to watch; I've exhausted myself with TV for the night. True Hollywood Story, E! News, "Bring it On - All or Nothing," and 20/20 on teen pregnancy have caused me enough headache for tonight.

And Mark left me to go see Transformers at midnight with guys from work. At first he asked me if I wanted to go and I grudgingly obliged but I was kind of secretly glad I had something to do but then he went with work people instead and I'm stuck here bored and alone :(

In two weeks we (me and Mark and his family) are going to Silver Lake to camp and then in August me and my family are going to Cedar Point camping for three days. That's kind of nice that I get a few vacations.

I think that's all for tonight,

Monday, June 22, 2009

going bananas about weddings!

And by bananas I mean the color yellow? I mean DUH yellow is like my favorite color besides pink but I like them both in different ways. Yellow I think would just fit so nicely. This website, theknot.com, is becoming my obsession. I chose a pretend wedding date of like June 17, 2011 just to see what would happen and such and there are actually real live people on there planning for June '11 weddings and have already booked their halls and stuff! So I'm a little concerned that my wedding fund (although my money goal plan has been created) is at $0 right now. But seriously, you should see some of this stuff. I've fallen in LOVE with this cake right here...and it was made in Royal Oak apparently!

So what did I do today? Interned during the day; summer school started for some of the kids and a few others Ms. Lawrence and I visited houses. After that I came home and studied for an hour for my final exam in Social Psychology today. I am officially done with another requirement for my psych major! It was two classes out of a certain 4, whatever... I think I did well too! I really needed to after studying for the entirely WRONG chapter last exam and my grade reflecting that...although really, it could have been much worse. I think I got like a 2.6 or something.

After that I came home and Mark and I went over the bills that arrived in the mail today (oh great, but at least we'll get everything out of the way at once?) and then I made dinner consisting of popcorn chicken, fries, and broccoli. I wish I had a deep fryer but I don't, so I fried them in a pan and it was kind of scary all that bubbling and popping. I've been burned by hot grease plenty of times and it just isn't a pleasant experience.

After dinner I showed Mark some of this wedding stuff I've been obsessing about (he really isn't so thrilled that I've been trying to take a jump start into planning so soon, but is being understanding now that I've expressed how important it is to me), and we went running around the subdivision thingy for a while. Now I'm about to watch the Secret Life of the American Teenager in a few minutes which I am fairly excited about. It pretty much is the only show that I really like to watch lately.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

I should have been a child model.

Honestly, I was so cute. SO CUTE!
I love watching this home videos. I'm in a very nostalgic mood lately. I guess it's easy to figure out why.
Working all weekend at night, and then Sunday is Father's Day so we're going out to dinner and then I'll need to be studying for my final exam the rest of the night.
Would it be weird of my to lay out in the grass outside of my apartment? On a blanket of course, but I think it might be weird...particularly if I'm alone.

That's all I've got right now.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I just have such a hard time trying to fall asleep when I know I have to wake up early. Why is that? Shouldn't I fall asleep more quickly? Well whatever, I didn't. Now I'm pretty tired.

Interning today was boring, frankly. All we really did was go to court for two of the kids and they were both dismissed. I started getting together some of my progress notes even though I don't think I actually have to submit them until I write them for July. Today was the dreaded 8 hour shift though and then the driving home in miles upon miles of traffic on M-59...not good.

I had dinner at my parent's house and hung out there. Picked through some of my grandma's pots and pans and other random objects, and didn't really do much else except that I picked myself up another home video to watch. This time it's the first one my parent's ever made, starting from the day before I was born. Right now my baptism is being taped, and my dad taped the whole thing, the pastor did it after the service and gave an entire explanation of baptism which I think was cool. 80s hair/fashion is hilarious also. Actually my dad is not taping, I don't know who is taping. My godparents are my Aunt Michele, Aunt Linda, and Uncle Mike.

Anyways, it's fun to watch this stuff. Not just to watch me as a baby but watching the adults.
We're in my Grandma Jackie's house right now having my baptismal party/luncheon. And my Grandpa Hannan is still alive! And my Great Grandma! And me and my Grandpa Vierk are sleeping on a chair together, little baby me. Aw and my Grandma Jackie is funny and happy here. And ridiculous 80s music is playing. It's so nice to see all of this.

I'm gonna just keep watching.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Oops, I forgot to post everyday already.
I'll do a small update now while I have some time before dinner and class about what happened yesterday.

My sister worked for me so I had the ENTIRE day off to recooperate and relax and catch up on cleaning and homework. I vacuumed, did laundry, did dishes, picked up the house basically. Studying - didn't get too much done but at least it was something. I decided to take a walk up to CVS and do a little bit of shopping for some cards and some air fresheners and little things. The walk was very nice, and it was beautiful outside yesterday for the most part. Today has been gorgeous as well.

My family also came to visit and have a look at the apartment now that it's full of actual stuff. It's a little bit too small in here for everyone to really be comfortable in one room, and Sabrina wasn't even here, or Mark, so it really isn't ideal to actually have people over very often.

Mark and I went to Wendy's and I went to bed early since I had to be up early in the morning for work, although I had a difficult time falling asleep.

I'll write again before bed,

Saturday, June 13, 2009

so long, so long

RIP Grandma.
The sermon at the funeral was very good I thought, but other parts of the whole catholic service thing were a little confusing. I got to do a reading and was pretty nervous. I was too confused and distracted by the oddities of what was going on around me that I really didn't cry during the funeral, except when the Priest was doing the sermon and again when Sam and Alexis came through the little line that we had going where the immediate family hugs other family and friends. I don't know why I suddenly was like bawling and then my mom and dad both looked like they had tears in their eyes or something and were like "Samantha stop it!" but I don't know why that suddenly happened. I feel like crying again right now. It really doesn't seem real to me still, even after all that has happened. I just don't understand how it can be possible. Nothing was different! She was the same as always. She really was. I just don't get it.
I plan on going through all my mom and dad's photo albums tomorrow to find a picture of my grandma and me and make a copy and buy a frame so I can add it to my windowsill of pictures. I'll probably find some more I want framed too of other family or friends. But I'd really like to have a picture of her to keep.

It's just so weird. I can't get over it. I don't know how it can be possible that she's gone now. But like the Priest said, she's in heaven now and is reunited with God and her husband and she must be so happy.

exhaustion x1243254320

The days events:

worked at Dairy Queen from 10-6. I was so exhausted the entire time, I thought I could honestly pass out. Not in the best of moods.

dropped by the house to give my dad some money. I pay him around 100 bucks a month for my car insurance and phone bill combined. so far I've only given him about 50.

came home and got a little ready, then Mark and I decided we would go back to my parents' and barbecue something up. We went to Meijer, bought ribs and sauce, and headed over there. Sadly, we didn't realize how much time it takes to make ribs WELL (slow cooking and such) and so we didn't boil the ribs nearly long enough and it took two times of putting them on the grill to figure out if we could get it right. And they still weren't quite done. The sauce was good though.

wings game was on & hung out with Jodi, Sam, Lex, and Julianne. We went to Taco Bell (of course).

I burnt my arm on hot grease today.
My Grandma's funeral is tomorrow.
Next week I finally have a day off and I'm super excited.
I really really need to catch up on my sleep. Like ASAP. Like meaning right this very moment.

Calling it a night.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

New new new

A fresh start on a new blog.
I promise that I will actually blog everyday. (Maybe.) At least I hope I can.
I got a fortune cookie a few weeks ago that told me to keep a journal and write in it daily. Which was so awesome! because a) I love journals and b) I love fortune cookies. And I tend to take fortune cookies to heart.

So what's been new with me? A lot, to be quite honest. Too much to write here. I'd probably be writing for days. Highlights include
1) Mark & I have a new apartment. We moved in almost a month ago now.
2) I started an internship working at a local County Circuit Court. I'm an intern for an intensive caseworker, and so my job is basically to help kids who have gotten into some trouble and seemingly need more help than the typical kid on probation for various reasons (mental health issues, destructive home environment, ect). It is a little bit of a culture shock at times but I'm really glad that I can at least make some sort of mark in helping those in need.
3) Sadly, my Grandma Jackie just passed away. It was very unexpected (she wasn't really sick or in the hospital or anything) and so arrangements are being made now for a funeral service and such. There's a lot to say on that subject too, but I don't really want to even get into it.

I'm going to try and update as much as possible, but I can't really reveal too much about the work I am doing since these kids are in the court system and I think that means that information about cases is confidential. I could explain situations surrounding them though, if something worth mentioning occurs (and I'm sure that there will be).

My other blog (livejournal) I had been keeping since freshman year of high school but it was getting far too long and too difficult to keep up with. I've decided to close it off (it still exists but I won't write in it anymore) and call it simply a high-school, younger years type journal.

As for what I'm up to currently - I just got home for interning. It was a pretty interesting day; I went around to a couple houses instead of schools for the first time. That's basically what it's going to be like all summer since school is out. I'm just relaxing now before I have to work at Dairy Queen at 6.

Write later,